BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system

Uw = 1,3

W/m 2K
energy saving degree


5-chamber, A class

Installation depth



1,3 W/(m2K*)

The ecological multi-chamber system ensures the highest level of thermal insulation, which means particularly low values of heat permeability and reduction of energy consumption and saving on costs of heating, which ensures cosy atmosphere without lowest differences in the room temperature.

We focus on safety and, therefore, BONA windows in  VEKA Perfectline system have steel reinforcements of appropriate thickness ensuring perfect statics and burglary prevention. In order to fulfil our customers’ wishes and specific safety requirements, we can additionally equip BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system with high class burglar-proof fittings and panes, which increase the safety level.

BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system with its classical appearance and installation width of 70 mm fulfil high requirements relating to energy efficiency. Owing to its systems of two gaskets, they eliminate drafts and ensure high class thermal and acoustic insulation. The surface-offset optics of the window sash and clear line make this classical variant moderate and, at the same time, elegant, whereas minimum protrusions give a soft shape to profile edges beautifying old and new buildings.

The high class BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system are easy to clean and materials used for production of the same guarantee long-term use. BONA windows constitute a profitable investment in your property.


The structure of BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system:


  1. 5-chamber system in class A, installation depth of 70 mm, U value of the frame: Uf 1.3 W / m²K
  2. The window pane set: combined double pane from Ug 1.1 W / m²K, optional three-pane set and warm spacing frame
  3. Reliable and deep pane gaskets for visually reduced width and better light permeability as well as perfect protection against wind, rain and noise
  4. Reduced total side height and surface-offset frame sash for better optics and perfect lighting of the interior
  5. Innovative system of fittings for greater convenience and safety
  6. Long life, optimum stability and durability owing to considerable steel reinforcements
  7. Easy to care of and maintenance-free window profiles without lead



With standard 2-pane glazing of Ug = 1.1 W/(m2K)

With the use of high insulation 3-pane glazing it is possible to obtain Uw of up to 0.76 W/(m²K)**

* Ug =1.1 W/(m2K), ψg = 0.05 W/(mK) ** Ug = 0.4 W/(m2K), ψg = 0.035 W/(mK)



5 years






Ug=1,0 [W/m2K]

Uw of a reference window

Uw=1,3 [W/m2K]

Profile depth

70 mm

Number of chambers

5 chambers


with secustic function

Inter-pane frame


Air permeability

4 class

Water resistance

9A class

Wind load resistance

C5 class


In architecture not everything has to be based on straight lines or be white. BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system can be triangular, round or even asymmetrical. You can also order your favourite colours or double-colour variants with their internal surface made in a different colour than the external surface.

The system of fittings

BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system are offered with Winkhaus tilt and turn fittings. Being a leader in the market and technological pioneer, Winkhaus has focused for over 150 years on quality, comfort, safety and innovation improving its technical and quality standards all the time and guaranteeing long failure-free use. Winkhaus fittings combine functionality and high comfort of use. The modern design makes them distinguish also in terms of aesthetics (it is also possible to install hinges that are invisible from the inside) giving an innovative appearance to BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system. The hinges are invisible from the outside.

A window is one of the most frequently used “access points” for burglars in a flat or house. BONA windows in a standard variant are equipped with fittings on pins in the form of octagonal mushroom cams, which increase safety in this standard! The standard level of safety of a window may be increased, if necessary (also in our configurator) up to a class with increased WK1 or WK2 resistance.


BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system are equipped as standard in a combined double pane of Ug 1,1 W / m²K. Using our configurator, you can also choose a three-pane set with a warm spacing frame, which decreases the possibility of a thermal bridge formation at the contact of the glass and frame and, consequently, the heat permeability coefficient will improve. It is also possible to choose various types of ornaments.


Ornamented glass


Each sash of BONA windows in VEKA Perfectline system is accompanied as standard by a Hoppe Secustic white aluminium latch. Its tasteful style is a real decoration for your windows. It is possible to use other latches in different colours locked with a switch or key.


The average lead time (in Poland) is 2-3 weeks (for standard windows white on both sides). In case of windows with untypical colours and shapes, the lead time may be extended by another 2 weeks.

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