Chemical and cleaning agents.

comfortable use

for heavily soiled surfaces



BONA PVC windows do not require any special maintenance, but in order to protect surfaces made of high quality plastics against unavoidable  environmental factors, it is recommended to clean them using a gentle cleaning agent with water on a regular basis. It should be remembered not to use any agents with aggressive factors such as abrasives, which may damage the Surface. We also recommend that the surfaces should not be wiped with a dry clot, as this will increase electrostatic charges and increase susceptibility to soiling. All you should do it to wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth.

We recommend using VEKANOL cleaning agents for heavily soiled surfaces of profiles, gaskets and fittings elements.

Cleaning and maintenance agents

VEKANOL- Cleaning agent, a bottle of 1.0 l for WHITE and COLOURED profiles

It is suitable for windows and doors made of plastics and aluminium. It removes stubborn soiling quickly and accurately. It i san intensive agent. (volume – 1L).

VEKANOL- Preservative agent , a bottle of 1 L for WHITE profiles

Ideal for caring after cleaning, protects windows and doors against harmful environment impact. (volume – 1L)

VEKA window and door care kit (white elements)

 VEKA window and door care kit for WHITE elements

 VEKANOL- Cleaning agent, a bottle of 0.5 l for WHITE profiles

 VEKANOL- Cleaning agent, a bottle of 0.5 l for WHITE profiles

 VEKANOL- Cleaning agent, box (25l) for WHITE profiles

 VEKANOL- Cleaning agent, 1 L for glass

 VEKANOL- F Cleaning agent, 150ml

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