External flush mounted roller shutters

comfortable use



Aluminium armour

height of 39/45mm



Owing to their diversified functionality, external roller shutters constitute an integral part of modern structural technologies.

They provide a perfect protection against the sun, wind, rain, snow and other atmospheric conditions. They improve thermal insulation of a building considerably offering measureable benefits in summer and winter periods.

Windows let in up to 80% of the sunlight leading to excessive sun exposure of rooms in the summer. Owing to use of external roller shutters, it is easy to limit this undesired effect.

Contrary to internal rollers shutters, external roller shutters reflect sunrays from the pane preventing rooms from overheating.

In the summer you can feel the advantages of external roller shutters such as shading and pleasant coolness in rooms. In the winter, external roller shutters decrease deemed of buildings for Energy, thus decreasing costs of heating considerably (even up to 30%).

External roller shutters also increase acoustic insulation decreasing the level of noise in a room. They ensure privacy and feeling of safety of dwellers.

The roller shutters offered by BONA have been proved for more than 20 years and the systems are still improved. Form a shaft to rollers, through retractors, handles, ball bearings, belt guides and transmissions to specialist axles with handles – they provide proven solutions for years.

Integro roller shutters is a system suitable for newly-erected buildings and existing buildings (following any necessary changes made within the lintel). It ensures an optimum solution for designers and constructors.

Following plastering, a roller shutter box is invisible and colours of other elements such as an inspection cover and guides can be adjusted to colours of the window. Integro system flush mounted elements do not interfere with the structure of a window, door and lintel and, therefore, they do not affect the energy balance of a building.

The system ensures perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, as, constituting an additional closure of the opening, it does not interfere with the structure of the lintel, window and door and does not affect insulation properties of the same.

Integro is a system that can also be used in existing buildings during modernisation of the same or widow replacement. Flexibility of the system solutions emphasise the fact that the roller shutters are offered in a wide range of colours, which makes it possible to match them to any facade. An engine can also be used.


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