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Why "Bona"

Just as in any other fields, you can find a multitude of products in the window production market. All of them are advertised as best. What should you pay attention to when selecting PVC woodwork? What should you do to make the right choice? Why is „BONA” different from other manufacturers in the Polish market? How to choose?

Windows are products with long lifecycles. They are generally bought to be used for long years and replacements of windows are connected with major renovation works. Such an investment cannot be burdened with any errors or corrections. You should choose your windows once and this has to be the best choice. However, selection of an optimum system of window profiles is a complicated undertaking, which can be difficult even for professionals. Investors come across a lot of information about strong and weak points of various profiles in the market, which is often impossible to verify and contradictory. A lot of such information is given for strictly marketing purposes and sometimes intended to mislead investors. Additionally, it is practically impossible to verify performance of materials used for production in a ready-made window. What should you do in such a situation?

Be confident about your choice!

What can “BONA” guarantee?

  • We manufacture PVC windows using VEKA profiles VEKA is a global leader in production of PVC systems. It has been successful in development of production technology for 30 years. Its production process is accompanied by stringent testing of minimum shrinkage strength under influence of temperature changes and durability of corner elements. Being the first in the window production sector, the company obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate guaranteeing the permanent quality of all production processes. VEKA profiles are included in the highest class A and have the CE European Mark according to PN-EN 1435-1. This means that external walls of the profiles are 3 mm thick, whereas the width of internal chambers is min. 5 mm. These are key parameters for optimum protection of dwellers against cold and noise and they also ensure stability and durability of windows. Profiles with thinner walls are class “B” or “C” profiles and they are not so resistant to damage and are much more susceptible to be damaged.
  • Our windows
    • we reinforce the entire length of frames and sashes with steel of appropriate thickness from 1.5 to 1.8 mm, which ensures excellent statics, long-term performance of window functions and appropriate burglary prevention.
    • we equip our windows with an innovative system of fittings increasing comfort and safety owing to:
      • a system based on pins in the form of octagonal locking mushroom cams, which enable manual adjustment of closing pressure between a sash and frame improving comfort of use in winter and summer,
      • a system with a mechanism, which ensures gradual tilt allowing for adjustment of intensity of ventilation as necessary.
      • a system with the latch rotation interlock and sash lift, which prevents from tilting a sash, if the window is opened, which also prevents from dislodging of the sash from the top hinge. Double-sash windows with so-called movable pin in a lever with switch, which opens the other sash.
    • we provide best quality window panes of a renowned manufacturer with such strong points as energy saving, optimum temperature in the room, high permeability of light and decrease of permeability of UV radiation, costs of heating, ventilation, reduction of thermal bridge and condensation of vapour in the pane corners, elimination of noise and a lot of other strong points.
    • we finish all details – after mechanical treatment, we polish we the frame and sash corners manually in order to obtain a perfect appearance and improve aesthetics of the windows.
    • we provide a gratuitous window sill strip filled with polyurethane foam and an insulating strip for balcony windows.

Manufacturers of windows can save production costs using cheap equivalents such as worse gaskets, thinner reinforcements, cheaper glazing or “thinned” fittings. Our final product results from work of experienced professionals and is equipped with materials, which are much worse in cheaper windows. Thus, the final assessment is composed of a lot of elements and our company focuses on quality and does not use any equivalents.

We are distinguished from other manufacturers of woodwork by long experience and innovative production, which has made us leaders in the sector for a number of years as well as manufacture energy saving windows with extraordinary parameters, which are also suitable for passive houses. If you buy “BONA” windows, you get a guarantee of high quality products, service, counselling, maintenance and assembly.

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