Roller shutter automatic systems

comfortable use

Automatic config. of end positions

Detection of obstacles

Freeze protection

External rollers shutters are moved by an electrical drive built in the roller shutter case more and more often. Such a roller shutter is started up and controlled by remote controllers and engines, which means that there is no need to waste time for manual opening and closing of the roller shutters!

We have a wide range of solutions of renowned manufacturers such as SELVE and SOMFY, starting from simple wall switches to refined “intelligent home” systems.

The control systems ensure:

- Safety owing to

  • Automatic stop of the drive in case of detection of an obstacle
  • Automatic stop of the drive in case of freezing of louvers
  • Resistance to burglary attempts – the roller shutters may be lifted from the outside owing to rigid hangers. This protection can be enhanced by equipping the roller shutters additionally with anti-burglar hangers (resistance to lifting of up to 100 kg)

- make it possible to

  • integrate the roller shutters with other devices installed in a building
  • connect various control elements
  • use group control for operation of several independent drives, i.e. with one button on the remote controller.
  • control in an intelligent manner – operates as based on a time programmer and solar, wind and dusk automation. It is possible to set automatic control allowing for reaction to changes in weather conditions and simulation of the presence of family members, while they are away.
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